Paradise Bando Bit¢h – BotBattle FINAL

Made to to the Botgrinder Battles final of round 15 of 16 and ended up in a 3 way battle against LoversFPV and BikeGuy.

Due to bad weather most of the week I only managed about 3 sessions at this bando in which I spent most of my time trying to nail a power-loop from under a floor into an elevator shaft dive into the basement. Sadly I didn't make it into the basement but plan to next winter time when the hotel next door wont have clients and all the snakes go back into hibernation.

However I had fun pushing myself in this competition and plan to keep pushing to improve for the next time I find a competition I want to enter.

Ended up with a 2nd place with 30% of the votes out of 105 voters.

The Livestream of the competitoin starts at 1:13:43 in the video below.


Dassia - Paradise Bando