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Bruce Mason, DesignerRandy Bradley, Developer
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NFT Collection

Agrinio Star Trails

The NFT The full size image included as unlockable content within this NFT was captured over 2.5 hours looking north from Agrinio (Greece) and can now be bought as 1 of 10 NFT's.

Unlock You can use this NFT in my Discord channel to unlock extra weekly video content and gain access to premium channels within the RobGrooveFPV Discord server.

Support Purchasing one of these NFT's helps support RobGrooveFPV while giving you one of the first every collectables issued on a blockchain by RobGrooveFPV. Possible further perks may be added in the future. 

OpenSea Minted in OpenSea on the Polygon network to keep fee's low and convenient.

Bruce Mason, DesignerRandy Bradley, Developer
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