Animal Flow – Botgrinder Battles Semi Final

1st time making it to the 3rd round in the Botgrinder battles and this time its ending in a 3 way final battle next week.

Back at the PartheNot again for this video and due to bad weather I only managed 3 days of flying. This video cost me a bunch of props, 1 GoPro ND filter and 2 ESC's. turns out to be an expensive video but well worth it in my eyes as I feel its my best freestyle video to date.

Next week I go up against LoversFPV (who beat me in a previous round a few months back) and Bike Guy in a 3 way battle for bragging rights.

You can watch the battle livestream here ( my battle starts at 1:34:38 ) 

Ren - Animal Flow  


Dassia - Corfu

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