Villa Bando – BotGrinders Battle Tapes Tournament Round 7 2nd Heat

Didn't make it through to the next round this time due to stiff competition.
One of the issues I had was the number of tourists showing up to take pictures of this place.  It's crazy how busy this place can be, After an hour of waiting for a gap in the tourists I decided to come back just after sunrise to get my shots only to find one of my drone frames cracked the day before which left me with only one drone which after about 6 batteries, I broke one of the motors. I figured by the time I swap it out the tourists will start showing up again so called it a day. 
Still happy with my result on this video and look forward to flying more at this amazing location while upping my trick skills. 
Stay Tuned.

If you'd like to see my battle you can do so Here! <--


Troumpetas - Villa Bando