BEST DAY EVER FPV Table Top Juicy Flick at Corfu MX Park with Panagiotis Grammenos 172

Had a great day at Corfu motocross Park in Agios Mattheos with  @panagiotisgrammenos7135   @vageliskavvadas4565  and friends. Big thanks to Leon ( Ndoci ) for the phone videos and pics

Best Day Ever Corfu Motocross Park

This video came about from a day of testing with Panagiotis 172. I had this idea for a shot including the table top jump and an FPV trick called the juicy flick. 
You can also check out the vlog from that day HERE! 
You can also watch vlog #4 directly on youtube. 

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever 


Agios Mattheos

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