Santa Does Not Exist

Santa Does not Exist..... As you think! 
There's an alternate reality where Santa isn't one person with magical reindeer.
In this reality There are a global network of Santa Clauses and they ride motocross. This is the Christmas story of 1 Santa clause names Santa #172 One day day while napping with his sack of presents by his side ready to deliver, an evil Motocross rider snook into Santa #172's house and stole the sack and upon leaving the premises #172 woke up and realised his sack of presents for the children in his area had been stolen. The chase began as Santa #172 jumped on his bike in an attempt to get the sack of presents back from the evil biker thief! This video documents the following events....
A short story created with a few friends, bikes, and sand dunes. Thanks to: